Enrollment Information, Rates & Forms


We are a society that's constantly on the go. There are many demands on our time leaving even less time for you and your furry friend. If you work, you wish you could spend more time with your dog. If it rains, or it's too cold, you wish you could walk or play outside with your dog. Little by little these things add up and over and over you find yourself wishing you could do more with - and for your dog. Many times owners who leave their dogs alone for extended periods return to find a bored, stressed out pooch. This can lead to bad behavior, separation anxiety, etc.

Enrolling in dog daycare is a solution to the above and offers many more benefits. It works just like daycare for children. Drop your dog off on the way to work, on your way to dropping the kids at school.  Half day play or full day play options are available.

While attending Lucky Dog, your pooch will be enjoying the organized, controlled and monitored environment provided. Friendly and good-natured dogs from multiple families will interact and play throughout the day in an enclosed building and yard. Our staff will go out of their way to make sure all dogs are welcomed and encouraged to interact in the activities. Staff will play games like hide n seek, tag, fetch, chase, or try the agility course, etc.

If your pooch is more laid back, we'll have a playgroup that will fit that style too. Dogs will be divided into appropriate playgroups based on size, play style and age.

All Lucky Dog arenas will be full of balls, toys, kongs, nylabones and more. During the summer we will even have a swimming pool for those who enjoy water. So, there are plenty of options for your dog.

Remember, all dogs must go through temperament testing (cost: $20.00), looking for possible aggressions, before acceptance. Many aggressions are fear-based and can be resolved with a behaviorist and, in many cases, we can recommend a behaviorist to you.


We are a society that is dependent on travel. Whether we travel for work or vacation, America's on the move. In many cases it's just not reasonable to bring our favorite friends along. If you travel for business, pets usually aren't invited into the boardroom. If you're vacationing, many hotels do not allow dogs, if they do, they charge expensive rates and want damage deposits. When sight seeing, many locations do not allow dogs. You don't want to leave your dog in the car, in many states, leaving your pet in a car alone is legally frowned upon.

When we travel we stay in hotels / motels that provide us with safe and clean accommodations. We want to be comfortable when away from home. Why not do the same for your dog?

We ask that all overnight guests be dropped off the morning of the first nights stay. That way, they get a full day of activity, (included in the boarding rate) and are ready to relax and sleep at night. The play hard - sleep hard theory, it really works.

Overnight guest should bring a familiar blanket or bedding, along with a favorite toy.  They should also bring more than enough food in a sealed container with the dogs first and last name clearly labeled. We'll do everything we can to make your dog comfortable.

As with daycare, all boarders must go through and pass temperament testing (cost: $20.00) to start the process.


Payable in advance of service and are due at the time the dog is dropped off.

Rates Effective as of 7/1/2022


  1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Daily Rate $36 $58 $80
Half Day Rate (Up to 5 Hours) $25 $36 $52
10 Day Pass $330 $560 $760
10 Half Day Pass $210 $330 $450
30 Day Pass $900 $1520 $2010

Payable in advance of service and are due at the time the dog is dropped off.

  1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Rate/Night $56 $107 $140
Holiday Rate/Night $65 $129 $170

These are applied on the following days: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day,
July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

•   Any pet left 30 minutes after closing will be placed in boarding and cared for overnight at the rate of $56.00 in addition to the 30 minute late charge.

•   If a pet is left overnight it should be picked up by 9:00 am for checkout to avoid incurring an additional daycare cost of $36.00 per day or boarding cost of $56.00 per day.

Please Note: Dogs who daycare regularly will be given priority for boarding.

To enroll in Lucky Dog Daycare & Boarding you will need to complete the appropriate forms.
Submission of forms and information does not guarantee boarding or daycare.
Your dog(s) must first pass our temperament test.

Please complete ALL applicable forms and...

  • Bring them with you when you visit us and / or drop off your dog(s)
  • OR fax to (630) 969-4142
  • OR mail them to: Lucky Dog Daycare & Boarding, 1992 Ohio Street, Lisle IL 60532

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.