“Mystery Canine Illness”

December 15, 2023

Recent news reports have stirred concern in our clients regarding a “mystery illness” affecting dogs in the U.S. As there’s quite a lot of misinformation rolling around out there, we wanted to take a moment and address your concerns.

First to know, there are NO confirmed cases in DuPage County, or nearby surrounding counties. As of this morning, according to Illinois Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for tracking such illnesses, there have been no confirmed reports of the mystery illness in the state. This illness has been around for a while, some veterinary sources estimate well over a year, but recent news articles have kicked off a flurry of panic, and as we know, news cycles thrive off panic.

Being aware of the developing situation and proactive with your dogs health is always a good idea. We are aware that serious illness has occurred, and as a dog-centered business and dog lovers ourselves, we are doing our best to stay informed with accurate information, doing our best to balance the legitimate concerns of health without being dismissive to the very real concerns.

There is quite a lot of misinformation circling right now, and it's important to remember anecdotal experience is not evidence. As helpful as it can sometimes be, Social Media can too often fan the flames of panic and spread inaccurate information far more quickly than facts.

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Lucky Dog Daycare and Boarding has made the commitment to offer you the best our industry has to offer. We are members of the Pet Care Services Association and operate under the strict guidance of the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

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  • Family Owned And Operated Business


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Only pre-approved dogs will be accepted. All dogs must be current with all shots and vaccinations. Please provide copies from their vet.

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"Our dog Bella looks forward to her 1-2 days per week she spends at Lucky Dog. Day care continues to be an excellent way to let her burn off her puppy energy, in a safe, fun way while her pet parents are at work!"

- Jennifer and Gary C.

"My husband and I both work full time jobs. We didn't think it was fair to make her sit at home for 10 hours until we got home. Lucky Dog has allowed all three of us to have the best of both worlds. We get to have the companionship and unconditional love of a dog and Penny gets to play all day and then come home to a family that adores her. The owners and staff are well versed in dog behavior. When I pick Penny up they are more than willing to provide honest feedback about how Penny conducts herself with other dogs and humans. It's truly a place for Lucky Dogs!"

- Amy and Paul G.

"Talk about a Lucky Dog (or dogs in our case). Harper and Deacon have become a Lucky Dog success story. Having 2 high- energy puppies (Dobermans) that need massive amounts of stimulation and exercise, and 2 parents who work…What to do? We enrolled our furry "children" in Lucky Dogs daycare program 3-4 days a week and saw dramatic change in their behavior for the good. The puppies no longer fought with each other, were much calmer around the house and more social with everyone and everything all around. Dog training classes are also offered on site and proved to be both convenient and extremely useful. Give Lucky Dog a chance, and make your dog one of the "lucky ones."

- The very happy and grateful family of Harper and Deacon

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Hudson and Sally are our resident Great Danes! They are both 3 years old and have been playing with us since puppies! Hudson is a big floppy goofball that loves to play with everyone while Sally is more reserved and loves attention from the wranglers! They are both gentle giants that we love!

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